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Home Cinema Projectors
Gone are the days of the old cine projector with reel to reel grainy film! Today's projectors produce smooth, colourful images at an affordable price. It's now as simple as connecting your DVD player and pressing the power button to recreate a true big screen cinema experience in your living room. With the introduction of High Definition TV, DVD players and games consoles, there's never been a better time to get into home cinema!

Education Projectors
Teachers and lecturers have different needs to business presenters. This selection of projectors reflects those needs. As well as projectors, we can also supply interactive whiteboards to complete your classroom set-up. Projector Point can offer generous education discounts to schools, colleges and universities.

We also provide credit terms to schools, colleges and universities.

Portable projectors
If you're a traveling presenter, or just short on storage space, these are the projectors that are made for you. Our most portable projectors are a maximum of 1.9kg, and small enough to take in your hand luggage on flights.
Projectors this small aren't normally as rich in features as standard office projectors, and you do pay a slight premium for the portability, but if you take your projector on the road a lot the difference soon becomes worthwhile.

Wireless projectors
Wireless projectors are catching on fast. No more messy cables, quicker set-up and the ability to switch between presentations on different laptops on the fly are all appealing prospects.

Important notes:
# Due to bandwidth restrictions, wireless projectors are not yet capable of displaying full motion video without reducing the frame rate, and hence the wireless functionality is not suitable for home cinema.

# Most wireless projectors use the WiFi standard. You will require a compatible wireless card in your PC to take advantage of this technology.

Professional projectors
The best of the best - these projectors are geared towards installation in conference venues and large auditoriums.

If you're equipping a large venue, you may have very specific requirements not covered by this range. In this case, give us a call. We have a large network of contacts in the projector industry, and can source virtually any professional projector you may be looking for.

Ex-demonstration projectors
Ex-Demo projectors

The projectors listed below are our ex demo projectors most of which have been used for less than 10 hours, offered at a significant discount. These offer an excellent opportunity to buy a projector at a bargain price.

All projectors are open boxed in original manufacturer packaging with complete accessory packs (unless stated otherwise).

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